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Why not become part of the Charing Palace Project and help us save a valuable piece of England’s heritage?

Joining our team you will make new friends, be active – putting your skills and experience to a great cause and developing new capabilities – and be able to take satisfaction from being part of the Palace’s restoration and revival.

The Charing Palace Project relies heavily on our volunteers. As our project develops it will become necessary to employ the expertise of heritage professionals but at our core there will always be a volunteer ethos.

Every current participant in the Charing Palace Project is a volunteer who is giving their time and experience to the project because they believe in its importance: seeing it as the most effective way to save this highly endangered heritage asset and to ensure its long-term sustainability and its continuing enjoyment by future generations.

As our project moves ahead we will need more people to get involved and join our project development team, working groups and advisory panel. The roles available to you as a volunteer can be tailored to your particular skills, interests and circumstances.

We are currently seeking people to join our working and advisory groups with experience in:

  • Project management
  • Fundraising
  • Developing major grant proposals
  • Education
  • Surveying
  • Conservation architecture
  • Historical research

If you can see yourself becoming part of this exciting enterprise, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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We are looking to build relationships with companies that have the capacity to become directly involved in our project and are seeking to find new ways either to enrich the experience of their employees or become more closely involved in the Kent community.

As a corporate sponsor we can offer you the opportunity to become part of a community initiative that has the capacity to excite public imagination and attract media attention over a number of years.

In return we are looking for support from you in the form of, as appropriate, project funding, the provision of goods and services or the direct secondment of your personnel to our project team to assist us in specific areas of our project plan.

To learn how your organisation could benefit by involvement with the Charing Palace Project, please contact us.


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