Charing Palace Project Model

Hub Concept Endorsed by Charing Community

The publication of the results of Charing’s Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire this week has strongly endorsed the community hub concept that is being pursued by the Charing Palace Project.

The survey into how Charing residents would like to see their village develop, included seven questions about their preferences for the future of the former archbishop’s palace. The questionnaire drew a response from 54% of Charing households. It asked respondents to score options for the palace’s future on a scale of 1-5, in respect of their importance to the community, where 5 was the most important.

Respondents strongly favoured the archbishop’s palace complex being taken into community ownership and made open to all, to incorporate a variety of community facilities and public gardens.

Speaking in response to the findings, Keith Adams Chair of the Charing Palace Trust commented:

“The community’s endorsement of what the Charing Palace Project is working to achieve for the archbishop’s palace is hugely important to us and it’s highly encouraging to everyone involved to know we have Charing’s support. As the project progresses we’ll be working closely with the community to achieve the best possible outcome – for the palace and for Charing’s residents.”

Specific responses to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Questionnaire were:

  • 4.1 – Open access for everyone
  • 4.0 – Community facilities (hall, cafe, meeting rooms)
  • 3.4 – Working spaces (offices, artisan workshops and studios)
  • 3.4 – Learning centre for visitors
  • 3.9 – Public gardens
  • 3.8 – Community trust ownership
  • 2.0 – Private ownership