Charing Palace

Charing Palace Project wins National Lottery and Architectural Heritage Fund Support

Heritage Lottery Fund - Lottery FundedThe Charing Palace Trust has secured £15,000 worth of funding for a new project called: Assessing the viability of restoring and sustaining Charing’s Archbishop’s Palace for the community.

The grants of £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund under its ‘Resilient Heritage’ programme combined with a further £5,000 ‘Viability’ grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund will enable the Trust to employ experienced heritage specialists to test the viability of the potential uses the revived complex might be put to, to ensure that it can be given a sustainable long-term future.

The Architectural Heritage FundThe Charing Palace Trust aims to secure, restore and revive the village’s former archbishop’s palace with the objectives of telling its story and saving its rich heritage for the nation.

Once a residence to 57 Archbishops of Canterbury before being taken into the royal estate by Henry VIII, the present day Palace only hints at its former glory.

After nearly 300 years of decline that followed the Palace’s sale into private hands, the Trust’s vision is to secure the future of the Palace’s remaining structures by making it a centre for community, heritage and learning facilities, tourism and enterprise that is open to all.

Speaking of the awards, Keith Adams, chair of the Charing Palace Trust, said:

“The granting of these awards from two organisations so well respected in the heritage world provides a major boost for the Charing Palace Project team and will enable us to ensure that the ambitious vision we have of a restored and revived palace complex really is achievable.

“We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Architectural Heritage Fund for putting their trust in us, with special thanks to the millions of national lottery players for helping make ours a truly community project.”

Michelle Roffe, Head of HLF South East said:

“We are delighted to support this project, which, thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, will mean that more people will be able to get involved with, protect, and learn about the exciting heritage right on their doorstep.”

To which, Tessa Hilder of the Architectural Heritage Fund added:

“Charing Palace is an extraordinary historic site, but also highly vulnerable and complex. Finding a long-term and sustainable solution will require the care, commitment and local support and partnerships that, as a community-led organisation, the Charing Palace Trust can bring.”

To learn more about the Charing Palace Trust and the Palace Project, find out how to take part, or make a donation to bring it about, see the Trust’s website – – or contact the Trust by email at

INFORMATION FOR EDITORS About the Charing Palace Trust

The Charing Palace Trust was established in June 2017 with the twin objects of educating the public in the rich history and architecture associated with Charing’s 1200-year-old former archbishop’s palace and preserving this heritage through the restoration and revival of its remaining structures and making them open to all.

The 4.5-acre Palace complex is thought unique among former archbishop’s palaces – of which there were once 150 nationwide – in how the surviving structures show its architectural development over 800 years and in the potential through restoration to trace its story back to its 8th century origins and beyond.

The Trust is working to attract sufficient funds to make possible the purchase of what remains of the Palace complex, restore its historically important buildings and revive it as a centre of community, cultural, leisure and enterprise facilities, capable of generating an income that will maintain its upkeep and ensure the Palace can be enjoyed by generations to come.

It is a project that will take many millions of pounds and perhaps ten years to realise in full. For further information please visit our website, contact us at or call either of:

CPT Press Contacts: Keith Adams 07940 583184, Stephen Jones 07932 153280

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